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Sara Alfaro



Sara Alfaro is a contemporary mixed media artist and art educator based in Miami. 

She has been creating art professionally and has been teaching art to all ages for 30 years.

"There is a sense of balance between teaching and being a practicing artist."

She earned her Masters Degree in Fine Arts and Education from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and also earned her Museum Education Certification through Harvard University and Tufts University. Her work is inspired by the beauty in color and figurative expressions. Her true objective is to communicate visually through emphasis on movement, texture, and form. 

Sara Alfaro has won several grants and awards of merit. She has exhibited her art regionally, as well as nationally, at galleries that include the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Vero Beach Art Museum, Pinecrest Gardens, as well as internationally in art exhibits around the world including Slovenia, Kenya, and Italy. She is often her own muse in her figurative work. This collection is a visual narrative of her own experiences. 

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