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Joachim Romain

Special Guest From Paris

Joachim is coming to Town to  Present New work Made in Miami +  plus Unique collaboration 4 hands on one of Laurence Panadero s Sculpture...Don t miss it


Born in 1973, living and working in Paris, Joachim Romain invests the concepts of temporality, urban environment and mass consumption.

Accumulation & erosion are markers of time that the artist uses in his work as an ennoblement. Having as a medium of predilection the advertising poster, Joachim Romain is very sensitive to the environment issues and recycling, and realizes his pieces from recycled materials are transformed and sublimated. His work reflects the world of advertisement through the use of typography and prototypes. Joachim Romain also developed an interest for the use of paper and started creating portraits with advertisement posters. He works with ripped, cut or burnt photographs, turning them into unique pieces of art.

The artist also works in situ, ripping pieces of portraits from posters in the streets and creating murals, bringing them out and giving them a certain importance or a revival as time and street do what they do best to the posters. It clearly appears in the portraits of women & men that finally become an artistic, political or advertising icon. Joachim Romain also works portraits of anonymous people seeking the universality of emotions.

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