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Lloyd Goradesky



Using the Power of Art to bring awareness to our natural surroundings, Lloyd Goradesky’s art extends from muti-media design to complex photographic creations.

He has received worldwide recognition for his wildlife pictures, which caught the eye of officials at Vanishing Species, an organization dedicated to the management and survival of animals in danger of becoming extinct. He was hired as the organization's official photographer and is allowed to get 'up close & personal' with predatory, wild animals. Goradesky’s work is extremely diverse, however, the purpose is always to raise awareness while showing the beauty of our natural surroundings. His artistic goal is to get the viewer to look through the actual art piece and to interpret the meaningful message.

“I feel this is the best way to get others to help save our planet”

Goradesky says. Goradesky's piece “Let LOVE Guide Your Way” is a free-standing 16-foot tall weathervane that features a 15.5-foot rotating-circumference kinetic wind vane or Cupid’s Arrow.

The purpose of ‘Let LOVE Guide Your Way’ is to celebrate Kindness and to share the message of Universal LOVE while encouraging compassion, consideration and tolerance for everyone.

A weathervane is a device used to measure wind direction.  A weathervane is also a metaphoric expression to describe people who change their views frequently.  In a chaotic world, when faced with a dilemma, let love guide your way. 

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