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Twyla Gettert


Twyla has been a professional visual artist for over thirty years. She graduated from the
University of Iowa, B.A., and received a grant from the Enrico Donati Foundation in
NYC, NY. Her work is in over seventy corporate collections and has shown in galleries
and museums internationally including two exhibitions at the National Museum of Art;
Osaka, Japan. Her current solo exhibition, “Where Ocean Meets Sky” is on display at St.
Thomas University, Miami Gardens, FL.
Twyla creates in several styles and mediums- painting, monotypes, photography, and
digital. Her art studies began with classical portrait and figurative painting and gradually
turned to abstract. Wanting to explore different directions to enhance creativity, she
began the study of Print-making, Sumi-e, and Chinese brush painting. Creating across
many mediums has always kept her art innovative and the creativity flowing. 

GMO -Genetically Modified Objects Series
Science into Art: Manipulated Digital Radiography (X-Ray)
Artist Statement - “The concern about the environment, massive technological changes, and
human interference with nature -are all subjects that are on my mind. This collection of
radiographic images (from a mammogram machine) represents artistic interpretations of changes
in organic objects and hopefully stimulates conversation on the environment. Human
advancements can have both positive and negative results. I am presenting new views that
explore the inner structures - both beautiful and curious and sometimes disturbing glimpses of
common objects.”

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